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Erika Rowan (Final) by TheBlackRoseRebel Erika Rowan (Final) by TheBlackRoseRebel
This is one of the main crew members of my book, current age I'm working with is her being the age of 16.
Mother: Catherine Crane (Birth)
Father: Thomas Crane (Birth)

Mother: Jenia Rowan (Adopted)
Father: Razael Rowan (Adopted)
After running away from her physically and emotionally abusive foster home she is attacked on a rainy night, Razael happens to be passing by when her attacks pass him. He doesn't think much of them until he continues ahead to find a beaten girl crying in the rain, he drops what he is doing and consoles her. After earning the girls trust he carries her home to his wife where they fix her up and find out where she is from. After learning of her past they decide not to make her return and adopt her as their own.

Erika's wand symbolizes her soul, rising from the ashes like a phoenix from her past to become stronger. Her service to the team is mostly of a healer and a short range of magic that she can use. Her fascination with the medical field and being able to help people coming from watching her mother(Jenia) as a doctor save lives through it.

For Back story and more check out my blog for future updates: [link]
Itachi54853 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
Awesomeness, nice story too. :D
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